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Types of Cladding Paint

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We are a leading cladding paint provider in the UK and have a wide range of cladding paint available to serve our clients across the country.

Cladding paints can be applied to a range of interior and exterior surfaces, such as wood, metal and plastic, to provide additional protection. Applying cladding paint to these surfaces is a way to protect the material, preventing rusting, corrosion and other forms of damage that can occur over time.

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To ensure we can work with all clients across the UK, we have a variety of cladding paint available that can be applied to surfaces. In this guide, we are helping you decide what is the best option for you by explaining the different cladding paints we have on offer.

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Types Of Metal Cladding Paint

We have a great range of plastisol cladding paint and metal cladding coatings available, ensuring we can work to all specifications.

Our products are available across the United Kingdom, and we can help you protect all kinds of surfaces, including metals, plastics and wood. To ensure we can meet the needs of our clients, we provide the best cladding solutions and work with all kinds of manufacturers. This is why we have the leading supply of cladding coating and paints available and can help you find the best thing for your needs.

We offer a range of metal cladding paint at our site and can deliver to all regions across the UK, Our range of cladding includes:

Rustoleum Spray Paint

Rust Oleum spray paint is one of the best exterior metal cladding paints due to the fact it contains a primer and paint in one. This makes it very easy to paint metal cladding as the spray is easy to use and offers a quick installation due to it being self-priming.

This metal paint has superior adhesion to steel structures and similar metal claddings and is fast drying.

Tor Coatings Paint

This is an anti-corrosive coating for structural steelwork, such as on industrial buildings. This is a specially formulated metal cladding paint that is made using resin for high performance.

Tor coatings are exterior metal cladding paints that are used to protect a range of metal surface types, such as industrial units and structural elements of a building.

It is a heavy-duty coating that offers high durability and corrosion protection in all weather conditions.

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Axalta Coatings

These metal cladding paints are designed to be used on commercial vehicles and come in a range of colours. Their cladding coatings can be used on galvanised steel surfaces, with some paints specially designed for vehicles to offer protection against damage, cracks and corrosion.

Like the other industrial cladding paint available from our company, Axalta coatings offer not only long-term decoration but also protect the building, vehicle or steel surface from corrosion and similar exterior issues.

Tikkurila Paint

Tikkurila cladding paints come in a wide range of colours and are suitable for both exterior metal cladding as well as interior decorating. These water-based coating solutions are one of the leading forms of surface paint in the UK, being used by many other professionals along with our company.

Being water-based means it is a quick-drying paint that can be used on all forms of surfaces, including previously painted wood, aluminium and plastic.

With both interior and exterior versions available, these coatings can be used to complete a building and ensure ultimate performance in all applications.

As they are water-based, they are also non-toxic and, therefore, suitable for all areas.

Wethertex Paint

Wethertex paint is a form of exterior surface paint that offers waterproofing as well as being highly durable when applied to a range of surfaces.

This paint offers excellent protection from all forms of weather, helping to increase the life span of timber, concrete and other exterior surfaces that are subject to corrosion over time.

Some paints from this brand can provide long-term decoration to metal and timber surfaces with direct application, and you can expect the ultimate performance in weather resistance with this brand.

Types of Cladding Paint

Bradite One Can Paint

Bradite one can paint is a solvent-based coating that is quick drying and can be applied as a primer or final coating on a range of surfaces. It is a high-quality coating, suitable for metal cladding as well as operating as a plastisol cladding paint to offer additional protection to surfaces.

This coating is weather-resistant and anti-corrosive, making it suitable for both internal and external surfaces. It comes in standard colours and can be applied to aluminium, plastics, and timber surfaces quickly due to the fact it is solvent-based. It is a mould-resistant paint that lasts a long time.

A single pack offers a touch dry surface coating that can be applied with a brush for additional protection, which will dry fall in under one hour.

Zinsser Paint

Zinsser cladding paint can be used on a range of surfaces, including those that have already been treated with paint. This acrylic paint can be applied on all forms of surfaces, from galvanised steel to timber, easily for a long-term decoration solution.

There is also a solvent-based can that allows for a quick application on metal cladding, as well as being suitable for plastic cladding.

It can cover all aspects of the building, leaving a high-quality coating in all standard colours and is a cost-effective solution for most areas.

Remmers Paint

Remmers paint is a form of mould-resistant paint that is specially designed for timber and wooden surfaces, but can also be applied to metal surfaces.

There are colours as well as transparent coatings available to protect wooden surfaces both indoors and outdoors, offering protection against wet weather conditions, including laid snow, as well as long-term wear. It is common to find this kind of cladding on portable cabins and similar wooden structures due to the ultimate performance it provides.

There is a range of options available within this brand, all of which are resistant to cleaning chemicals and water for lasting results.

Centrecoat Industrial Paint

Centrecoat paint is a single-pack industrial metal cladding paint that is fast-drying and designed for metal surfaces, such as galvanised steel and aluminium, both internal and external.

These metal cladding paints offer impact resistance to the surface, as well as being cut-edge corrosion resistant for the best results. This metal cladding paint is commonly used in the toughest areas, protecting any metal exposed to the elements, including metal exposed to sea air and corrosion.

It is easy to apply as it is fast drying, and there is a standard dark grey available, which is the cheapest option.

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What is The Best Paint for Cladding?

The best paint for cladding is Zinsser Paint.

The best solution for cladding from this brand is the solvent-based option.

It is suitable to be used on plastic and metal surfaces, offering a lot of protection to both internal and external surfaces.

What is the Best Paint for UPVC Cladding?

The best paint for UPVC cladding is going to be a plastisol cladding paint.

It is designed specifically for plastic surfaces, such as the Bradite One Can.

It is important that you opt for a water-based cladding paint that is designed specifically for plastic surfaces to get the best results from cladding.

What is the Best Paint for Metal Cladding?

The best metal cladding paint is Rust Oleum Spray Paint.

This is due to the fact it offers a lot of protection, is easy to apply and is durable.

There are colour options for this metal cladding paint, and it is designed to offer great levels of durability when applied to structural metal surfaces.

Cladding Sprayers FAQ'S

What Is The Best Paint For Timber Cladding?

The best timber cladding paint is Remmers Paint.

This is a water-based solution that is anti-mould and waterproof. It is designed to be applied directly onto wooden external surfaces to prolong their life and improve the quality.

This water-based paint is available in several colour options, including transparent, to preserve the appearance of the wood underneath.

Do I Need Plastic and Metal Cladding Paints?

It is important for you to use metal cladding or plastisol cladding paint when applying coatings to plastic and metal surfaces because of the benefits these products provide.

While it may be cheaper to use acrylic paint, for example, this does not offer the same protection you can get with metal cladding paint in terms of waterproofing, weather resistance and corrosion protection.

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We provide a range of metal cladding paints and deliver across the UK. With such a good variety, we can help you find the right metal cladding paint for your needs and ensure benefits such as corrosion protection and waterproofing.

Metal cladding paint, as well as plastisol cladding paint, is designed to offer an additional protective layer on external surfaces. Based on the type of paint you choose, it can be used on metal, plastic or wooden cladding to ensure longevity, durability and decoration.

We have a great deal of cladding paints available to buy through our company and can help you make the right decision for your needs.
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